• Law declares the “right to mobility” and strengthens focus on public transport, walking, and bicycling

    In the last decade, Mexico City has made considerable strides in improving sustainable mobility options for its residents, inaugurating the Metrobús bus rapid transit (BRT) system,


  • New Delhi, India inaugurates the weekly car-free event in efforts to improve air quality and promote sustainable active transport

    Raahgiri Day – the weekly event that closes streets to cars in the name of sustainable, active transport – has arrived in the world’s second largest city.


  • Biannual event recognizes champions for resilient, equitable cities and a sustainable planet

    Every two years, the World Resources Institute (WRI) honors individuals committed to confronting the great environmental, social, and economic challenges of today. The 2014 Courage to Lead Luncheon brought together an impressive lineup of speakers to recognize the achievements of WRI Chairman James A.


  • EMBARQ Mexico and EMBARQ Turkey collaborate to bring two leading world cities together and accelerate the spread of sustainable transport worldwide

    On the eve of the ninth anniversary of Mexico City’s Metrobús bus rapid transit (BRT) system, EMBARQ Mexico welcomed a delegation from Istanbul, Turkey’s public transport agency, the Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Company (IETT).


  • Lessons learned on London study tour will help Beijing reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and ease traffic congestion

    In June, researchers from EMBARQ China and engineers from the Beijing Transportation Research Center (BTRC) visited London, United Kingdom to learn from its successes with low emission zone (LEZ) and congestion pricing strategies.


  • EMBARQ India experts explore health, environmental, and economic impacts of BRT at Asia Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) workshop

    While bus rapid transit (BRT) has been most widely implemented in Latin America, Asian cities are emerging as the next great market for BRT. Together, these two regions account for 63% and 26% of global BRT ridership respectively, though that balance is shifting.


  • Expresso DF system will grow to include 150 kilometers and transport 600,000 people each day

    Brazil’s capital city of Brasília launched its first bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor – the Eixo Sul – this past Friday in a ceremony conducted by President Dilma Rousseff and Agnelo Queiroz, Governor of Distrito Federal. EMBARQ Brazil’s Director of Strategic Relations and Development Rejane Fernandes attended the event.


  • Report from EMBARQ Turkey reveals improvements in accessibility, traffic safety, and local business

    Editor's note: Read more about former New York City Mayor and current United Nations Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change Michael Bloomberg's visit to Istanbul's Historic Peninsula, where took a walking tour with Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş, EMBARQ Turkey Board Chair and Director A.


  • 295 redesigned streets in historic Istanbul help reduce traffic crashes and save lives



  • Experts from the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities explore “common challenges and shared solutions” for sustainable, livable cities

    The decisions that city leaders make today will impact the lives of billions of urbanites for decades to come. Not only are cities home to half the world’s population – with that figure set to increase to 70% by 2050 – but the long life of urban infrastructure for basic services like water, energy, and transport means that the next decade is crucial for putting cities on the path to sustainable growth.



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